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SmartFTP Client 9.0

Transfer files between your local computer and a server
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SmartFTP Client allows transferring files between local and remote locations. Despite its name, it supports not only FTP but other protocols as well, including FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and SSH. Likewise, it lets you move data to and from such on-the-cloud services as Google Drive and OneDrive. Besides, the tool is compatible with various proxy protocols, like SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4A and SOCKS 5.

The application has a nice interface, which is composed of a series of dockable panes. This way, you can view the contents of the local and remote directories side by side. Luckily, drag-and-drop operations between panes and even from Windows File Explorer are supported. Similarly, you can establish various simultaneous connections, which appear in different tabs. It is a pity that some users may feel somewhat confused the first time they use this tool. Good news is that there are some instructive tutorials to pave the way.

There is luckily no reason to worry about security issues for the program supports using encrypted connections. Fortunately, the application allows users to configure various parameters. For instance, you can set speed limits and priorities so that transfers do not interfere with web browsing. On the contrary, it is possible to increase the number of connection threads to speed up given transfer jobs. An absolute advantage is that it lets you avoid copy conflicts by creating auto-renaming rules.

In a nutshell, SmartFTP Client is a powerful data transfer tool that even allows scheduling actions. Although it does not belong to the type of program that can be easily used straight after installation, most users can soon learn to exploit most of its features with no difficulty. The product has three different editions: Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise, which differ in their available features and logically their price. The Enterprise edition is the most complete with the possibility of scheduling transfer and accessing more cloud storage services.

Pedro Castro
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  • Support of multiple file transfer protocols
  • Transfer to on-the-cloud services
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Support of encrypted connections
  • Highly configurable
  • Avoids file copy conflicts


  • Somewhat difficult to use at first
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