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SmartFTP Client 7.0

SmartFTP Client can manage file transfers via FTP
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SmartFTP Client can manage file transfers via FTP. In this respect, the application supports various protocols, namely FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Google Drive, One Drive and SSH. The tool has a modern interface with tabs and ribbons, which in many aspects looks like Windows File Explorer. In fact, it inherits some of its objects from the system. Moreover, it has multiple collapsible and dockable panes which make it definitely more difficult to use than Windows built-in application; however, this is completely justified because of its multiple features.

The main advantage of this FTP client is the way it handles your transfers. For instance, it can create transfer queues and even accelerate their speed by creating various threads. Regarding this, it supports pausing and resuming transfers; and when a connection is lost, the client can continue retrying until it is reestablished. Besides, you can schedule tasks to be executed at a given time, which is very useful when you need to make frequent backup copies or file updates. What is more, it supports uploading the same data to different locations at the same time.

In a few words, SmartFTP Client is a very complete application as regards the purpose it was created for. It may come in especially handy for webmasters as it allows uploading a complete website to a remote location.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports creating a transfer queue
  • It supports various transfer protocols
  • It has a nice interface
  • It can pause and resume transfers
  • It can continue sending requests until a connection is reestablished
  • It allows scheduling transfer tasks


  • It is more difficult to use than Windows File Explorer
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